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2010-01-31 12:51:56 by usedtobeemo

Hey guys. Due to some issues, I will not be able to submit any songs. MIne are on BretBomb's account or Musicman12's account. so if you want to hear them, go to their page. (Musicman's may still be awaiting confirmation.)


2009-12-06 15:06:35 by usedtobeemo

HEY! Im making animations now and I have flash. Hopefully all goes well and I will be making animations in the near future! FUCK YEAH (big thing for me XD)


2009-11-20 17:49:04 by usedtobeemo

Hey guys.
All my music is on m bros accound because of some issues.
My borthers account is BretBomb and my songs so far are on his accound (DUH)
So if u want to listen to them, go to My bros page.


2009-05-04 21:37:23 by usedtobeemo

Hey guys, I new, this is my second day here! So be nice, (until im good at this) and be supportive, or at least say positive things about my songs.